J-Cycle Urban Alliance: Initiative to Reduce Landfill Waste

64 million tonnes of garbage are produced in Jakarta every year and this amount grows at an annual rate of 2-4%. A major landslide tragedy in 2005 led the Indonesian government to focus on Solid Waste Management (SWM). To minimise the amount of garbage going to the landfill, the government changed its focus from an “End-of-pipe” approach to a “Reduce at Source & Resource Recycling” approach. Despite these initiatives, SWM in Indonesia hasn’t improved. The United Nation’s assessment attributes this to financial constraints, and the low technical and managerial capacities of local governments.

The SWM value chain in Jakarta has multiple parties that have access to the unsegregated household waste which makes the challenge more complicated. Apart from the official waste collection services by the government, InSWA and bandars also collect waste from the households. The bandars collect recyclables for profit. InSWA collects waste for research purposes, segregates wet and dry waste and in turn sells the recyclables to bandars for recycling.

Our recommendation is to implement a pilot project, titled “J-Cycle Urban Alliance”, to optimise downstream waste management, to increase underutilized capacity and involve all stakeholders (formal and informal) in SWM. This solution will involve households’ active participation to segregate waste at source. Secondly, a private player will be brought in to carry out the composting of organic waste. The solution will be piloted for 12 months with 2,400 households in a low-income neighbourhood along the Ciliwung River.

Read the project document here:

Solid Waste

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