Responsible Tourism in Thailand

Responsible tourism and the Thai sufficiency economy The fundamental factors of responsible and sustainable tourism in Thailand are readily understood within the country to reflect the monarch’s concept of a sufficiency economy, which King Bhumibol Adulyadej began to think about in 1972 and formalized in 1997 following the Asian Financial Crisis. The Thai sufficiency economy is broadly summarized into three principles. moderation, a “not too little, not too much” approach; reasonableness, looking out for the consequences of actions on the community, the environment and the society; and prudence, a system of self-immunity against the impact of internal and external shocks. … Continue reading Responsible Tourism in Thailand

Tourism Game Changer: North Jakarta

North Jakarta is located near to Jakarta’s international airport, and is a destination within the city that has great potential for increased tourism activity that would contribute to economic growth for the city. The 12 North Jakarta Coastal Tourism Destination plan that was launched on 26 July 2009 sets the focus for North Jakarta’s development policy. Several of the tourism sites within the plan consist of cultural and historical sites. These sites display Jakarta’s rich history, dating as far back as the Dutch colonial era. The authors of this paper have therefore recommended the creation of a Heritage Trail in … Continue reading Tourism Game Changer: North Jakarta