3) Getting Businesses to Help Farmers and Chiang Mai

Link to Full Policy Proposal: Getting Businesses to Help Farmers and Chiang Mai

Link to Presentation Slides: Session 2 – Group 3

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Maria Kristina Bernadette Concepcion Mojica, Muhammad Ali Bandial, Rian Ernest Tanudjaja, Shashwat Shrivastava, Wong Sok Yee Evon

Poverty in Chiang Mai’s rural agricultural households present a stark contrast to cosmopolitan Bangkok and even to the bustling and tourist-packed Chiang Mai city. While other sectors in Thailand are developing quickly, rural farmers are still caught in a poverty trap. The intensive use of pesticides and chemicals during the farming process cause health issues for the farmers and pollution to the land and water. The downward spiral of poorer health, lesser yields, and increased debt ensue.

If the situation is left unchecked, many sectors, including businesses who have benefited from Thailand’s economic growth, will be affected. To list a few examples: environment degradation ultimately affects agricultural exports; growing discontent among rural farmers may lead to political unrest, and also affect the economy. There are therefore strong incentives for businesses to help farmers.

The objective of this project is to explore how the Chiang Mai government can facilitate a win-win platform for businesses and farmers to work together. We are proposing a solution where businesses can not only improve their bottom line but also benefit small farm holders by incorporating them into their business value chains. The proposed intervention will create an eco-system to bring together sustainable agricultural practices in Chiang Mai.