Policy Proposals


Dean Danny Quah, Professor Leong Ching, Esteemed Guests from Thailand, Faculty Staff, and Students of the MPA 2017/2018 batch

The GSP for the MPA cohort of 2017/2018 focuses on Chiang Mai, one of the fastest growing secondary cities in Thailand and Southeast Asia. As Chiang Mai undergoes rapid urbanisation, it faces significant challenges relating to sustainable growth, liveability and environmental degradation.

These urban challenges are reimagined as new possibilities within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the full range of social, developmental, societal and infrastructural explorations, the students will examine the difference that good policies can make at the city level.

This site contains the detailed policy proposals put forth by the 2017/2018 MPA students, and represents the culmination of a years’ worth of hard work. Enjoy!